Our study sites in Mexico are Mexico City and Copalita-Zimatlan-Huatulco complex

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The Conservation Land represent 50% of the city of Mexico (CDMX). It includes nearly  50% of forest area and of this 90% is in social property of the land.

The CDMX Conservation Land is recognized for important ecosystem services it provides to the city and the region. Particularly, as it is a carbon reservoir and a water supply and regulation area.

In 4 micro-basins of interest (28 thousand hectares) there are 6 agrarian cores: San Miguel and Santo Tomás Ajusco community, Magdalena Atlitic, ejido of San Nicolás Totolapan, ejido of San Andrés Totoltepec, ejido and community of Magdalena Petlacalco.

More than 335 million pesos have been invested in these agrarian cores between 2000-2018 as instruments of public environmental policy (only 28% corresponds to federal investments); but it hasn't stopped deforestation.

Mexico City

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SES conceptualization