Driss Ezzine de Blas (senior scientist with CIRAD) has conducted extensive research on the multidisciplinary evaluation of economic productive activities in tropical forest-agriculture landscapes. His current interests are the impact evaluation of conservation and development policies and building evaluation methods in the broader framework of studying forest-agriculture social-ecological interactions and outcomes. He is particularly involved in WP1 and WP5, but also responsible for the international coordination of the project.


Jean François Le Coq (senior scientist with CIRAD) is interested in the study of governance dynamics, rules and multi-actor alliances for the implementation of conservation and development policies in rural areas of tropical Latin America. Involved in WP1, WP2 and WP4.


Bruno Locatelli (senior scientist with CIRAD, CIFOR, University of Montpellier). Interested in ecosystem services and climate change adaptation, nature-based solutions, and transformative adaptation. Involved in TRASSE in WP3 (Analysis of ecosystem services transitions) and also in other WPs.


Valéry Gond (senior scientist with CIRAD) is geographer specialized in remote sensing processing. His research focuses on forest ecosystem functional characteristics through satellite image. He is involved in WP4 (Elaboration of spatiotemporal trajectories using Ocelet software)

Johan Oszwald (senior scientist based at the University of Rennes 2) is geographer. His research focuses in the analysis of spatiotemporal data in forest-agriculture landscape and he is interested in the mapping and spatialization of ecosystem services. Involved in WP3.

Samuel Corgne is geographer and senior scientist with University of Rennes 2. He is interested in the study of agro and ecosystems by optical and radar remote sensing and involved in WP3.


Sandra Lavorel heads a research group on "Dynamics of socio-ecosystems in a changing world" at the Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine de Grenoble. Her current research focuses on the impacts of combined climate change and land management on ecosystems and their services. Sandra Lavorel provides her scientific expertise to the project and she is part of the direction of Nicolas Elleaume and Julia Grosinger's theses. She is also French representative and involved in WP4.



Nicolas Elleaume (PhD student works in the Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine of Grenoble Alpes University, under the direction of Sandra Lavorel, Bruno Locatelli and Johan Oszwald). He works on the climate change adaptation of the Maurienne valley, involved in the understanding of the past land use transitions within the landscape as well as in the ecosystem services modelling. The PhD is co-financed by the ANR TRASSE and the CDP Trajectories from Grenoble University

Nicolas elleaume.png

Julia Grosinger (Phd student) based in the Laboratoire d’ecologie Alpine LECA and the social science research centre PACTE of Grenoble Alpes University under the direction of Nicolas Buclet and Sandra Lavorel. She is particularly interested in the co-production of Nature’s contribution to people (NCP) and associated actors’ dynamics. Like Nicolas Elleaume her research terrain is the Maurienne valley in the Northern French Alpes. The Phd is financed by the CDP Trajectories from Grenoble Alpes University.