Maria Perevochtchikova (senior scientist with COLMEX) does research on the measurement of water regulation services in forest-agriculture areas and on the impact of socio-economic and governance factors on water regulation services. Involved in WP1 and WP5, she is also international co-coordinator, Mexican representative and responsible of the coordination of the Ajusco study site.


Sophie Avila-Foucat is a professor-researcher based at IIEc-UNAM and her research topics relate to the fields of ecological economics, rural diversification of income, social-ecological systems and resilience. She is particularly involved in WP2, but she is also responsible of the coordination of the Copalita study site. 


Mauricio Galeana Pizaña is a professor-researcher based at CentroGeo and his area of expertise is in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing and geostatistics applied to the study of forests, aerial biomass, family agriculture and land use change. He is involved in WP3 and WP4.

foto Mauricio Galeana.jpg

Jose-Alvaro Hernandez-Flores (senior researcher with COLMEX) is interested in the reproduction strategies of rural and peri-urban households, the process of urban expansion, food security and land conflicts and he is involved in WP5.


Arturo Ramos Bueno, Socio-spatial Analysis of Urban Water Demand for Integrated Management: case study of Mexico City. PhD in Geography 2017-2021, PG-UNAM.


Foto_Arturo Ramos Bueno.jpg

Faustino Gómez Sántiz, Towards the sustainable management of forests on conservation land, Mexico City? Analysis of the operationalization of the concept of forest sustainability from the environmental public policy and community vision, 2000-2018. PhD in Urban and Environmental Studies 2017-2021, CEDUA-COLMEX.

Arcelia Amaranta Moreno Unda, Determination of the role of local governance in the trajectory of the agricultural-forestry border of two socio-ecosystems in Mexico. PhD in Sustainability 2016-2020, UNAM. 

Francisco Almonacid, Determination of Ecosystem Service of Organic Carbon in Soil, in 4 micro-basins SC-CDMX. PhD in Sustainability Sciences 2018-2021, UNAM. 

Juan Camilo Montaño Caro, Hydrogeological model of the southern zone of the Mexico Basin (MODFLOW modeling). MSc in Earth Sciences, UNAM, 2018-2020. 

Gabriel Morales Martínez, Historical and prospective analysis of USV in 4 micro-basins of the SC-CDMX. MSc in Geomatics, CentroGeo, 2018-2020.


Gómez Tagle López Karol Marcela, Urban Climate Resilience. Theory in application. Case study in the Conservation Land of the CDMX. MSc in Urban Studies 2017-2019, CEDUA-COLMEX (concluded 13/07/2019).

Rigoberto Jaime Santiago Romero, Economic valuation of the co-production of forest ecosystem services in the southwest of the CDMX Conservation Area, using the experimental method of choice. MSc in Urban Studies 2017-2019, CEDUA-COLMEX (concluded 20/09/2019).

Luis Alejandro Uscanga Morales, From Payment for Hydrological Environmental Services to Concurrent Funds: the analysis of social perception in the community of San Antonio del Barrio, Oaxaca. MSc in Sustainability 2016-2018, UNAM (concluded 01/18/2019, honorable mention).

Viridiana González Meneses, Community environmental monitoring in the context of Mexico City: a case study in the Magdalena River Basin. MSc in Sustainability Sciences, UNAM (concluded 1/02/2019).

Federico Morales Barragán does research at the CEIICH-UNAM, his studies are related to regional economic development, cross-border cooperation, public policy networks, and institutional mechanisms for territorial planning. He participates in network analysis and governance dynamics. Involved in WP2.

Juan Manuel Núñez is professor and does research at the Iberoamericana University. His studies are focused on geomatics applied to the monitoring of forests and green areas; spatial analysis for the valuation of ecosystem services and urban remote sensing. He participates in the spatial-temporal modeling of land use and vegetation and he is involved in WP3 and WP4.


Uberto Salgado Nieto (researcher and professor at the IIEC-UNAM) does research focusing on sustainable diversification of the rural sector, migration and economic development. He participates in TRASSE in the analysis of migration, life strategies and their explanatory variables.

Carmen Maganda Ramírez (researcher at Inecol) is interested in the management of natural and strategic resources, sustainable development, society-nature relationship, transboundary waters and environmental security with a focus on political ecology. Involved in WP2 in the analysis of public policy coherence.

Harlan Koff is professor and does research at the University of Luxembourg. His studies focus on international development through the lens of policy coherence for sustainable development. Involved in WP2 in the analysis of public policy coherence for resilience.

Julia Ros Cuellar (PhD student at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, University of Luxembourg) is interested in socio-ecological systems, resilience, policy coherence for development, payments for ecosystem services and migration using social network analysis. Involved in the analysis of public policy coherence (WP2).

Yvon Angulo Reyes is researcher at the IIS-UNAM and her studies focus on marginalization, social networks and public policies; and statistical analysis. She participates in the analysis of networks and governance (WP2).

Robert Manson (researcher at the Inecol) is interested in the effects of forest fragmentation on plant-animal interactions, the role of coffee agro-ecosystems in the conservation of the structure and functioning of the mesophilic mountain forest and valuation of the hydrological services provided by forests. Participates in the analysis of ecosystem services (carbon, water) and their relationship with land use change and climate change (WP3).

Pierre Mokondoko Delgadillo is postdoctoral researcher at the IIEc-UNAM, his participation is focused on the quantification of geophysical parameters for the modeling of potential changes in socio-ecological systems and the provision of ecosystem services (WP3 and WP4).

Ángel Merlo Galeazzi is PhD student in Sustainability Sciences (Inecol) and his studies are focused on the analysis of hydrological ecosystem services (WP3).

Alejandra Ramírez León is PhD student in Sustainability Sciences (Inecol). Her studies focus on the socio-ecological trajectory and governance analysis in productive coffee farming and she is involved in WP2.

Hilda Zamora Maldonado is PhD student in Sustainability Sciences (Inecol). She participates in the creation of the complex systems model.

Citlalin Martínez Córdova is MSc student in Energy and Environmental Policy and Management (IIEc-UNAM). She is involved in WP2 and interested in the analysis of public policy coherence.

Ulises Sánchez Guerrero is graduated in Economics with a specialty in microfinance, he is involved in the analysis of migration, life strategies and their determinants.